Civil Law

Family Law issues: marital disputes, civil partnerships, adoptions, determination of parentage, consensual divorce, divorce court proceedings, negotiations, interim measures, child custody, spousal maintenance, parental contact with children, sale of minor’s property, domestic abuse, illegal retention of the child, cross-border parental child abduction.

Inheritance Law issues: reserved portion, waiver of succession, certificate of inheritance, acceptance with the benefit of an inventory, contesting a will on the grounds of forgery, trust law.

Property Law issues: transactions, supervision, property rights protection, property claims, seizing, distribution of property.

Enforcement Proceedings: extrajudicial documents, payment orders, actions arising from negotiable instruments or contracts, consensual or not mortgage notation, garnishment of immovable or movable assets, interim injunctions for the preservation of legal and factual status quo of property, interim measures, mandatory auctions, oppositions to payment orders, bankruptcy oppositions, oppositions to enforcement, overturning or withdrawal of mandatory auction procedures, collection of mandatory auction’s proceeds, enforcement on intangible and tangible shares, usufruct and pledge on shares, seizure of shares etc.

3869/2010 Law – “Katseli Law”: Protection of the over-indebted households, protection of primary residence, settlement of debts, total debt extinguishment up to €20,000, interim measures to preserve the legal and real status of the debtor’s property.

Lease disputes, order of restitution of the premises, rental reduction actions, business leases.

Neighbor Law, settlement of housing issues disputes between co-owners, debts of utility shared bills.

Compensation arising from automobile accidents, actions against insurance companies and Auxiliary Fund.

Tort-damages actions and intra-contractual liability.

Commercial issues: sale purchase agreements, transfers, liability for defects, bank checks, letters of credit, promissory notes.