Corporate and Commercial Law

Legal support and advice on the following issues:

Establishment, dissolution (with or without court decision), amendment of Articles of Association of partnerships and limited liability companies, listed or not in the Stock Exchange, representation in General Meetings, capital increases/decreases, minutes, transfer of company’s seat etc.

Mergers, acquisitions, alterations, corporate demergers /spin off, verifying company assets – Due Diligence, liquidation.

Corporate actions, Board of Directors removal, special issues of minority shareholders, shareholders agreements, contracts between the company and members of the Board of Directors, resolution of issues arising from thin capitalization of companies, out-of-court dept settlements.

Negotiation and drafting of contracts at national or international level, investment planning and funding, interpretation and implementation of double taxation conventions, investment in real estate.

Trade name and trade mark protection, registration of national, European and international trade marks, claims for trademark infringements, trade mark transfers, trademark rights of expectation, licenses.

Entitlement of intellectual property, actions for intellectual property infringement, related rights, publishing contracts, audiovisual production contracts, agency contracts (modeling, advertising, acting).

Patents, patenting process and inventor’s certificate (file submission and completion) and plant breeders’ right, invention rights, infringement of industry rights, protection of industrial designs.

Franchise agreements.

Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance.

Article 99 conciliation and bankruptcy procedure.

Protection of businesses against unfair competition, consumer protection against unfair and misleading advertising, presentation of cases in front of the Competition Commission.

Establishment of unions, civil non-profit companies. Management of institutions and information on the specific legislation.